August 25, 2014

Eight key ingredients to craft the perfect media release  

Medianet, a division of Australian Associated Press - Australia and New Zealand's national news agency, have come up with a great recipe of a perfect media release. They call it "Eight key ingredients to craft the perfect media release".

Every point is so true! Make sure you match all 8 ingredients while polishing your release :)

The source


Audience Insights for Facebook Advertising

May 13, 2014

Facebook launches a new marketing instrument - Audience Insights.


Aston Martin Announced an Unusual Deal

May 12, 2014

Being a celebrity means that you are always opened for advertising opportunities. You may get paid for wearing Lacoste dress to the Coachella Festival or become a member of the coolest Nike society or launch your own perfume line - or you can be James Bond.


"I Am Looking @ You, Spencer!"

May 11, 2014

Yes, you need to have the guts to quit your job. Especially when you don’t have a new one.


When Advertising Makes You Cry

April 22, 2014

Sometimes advertising makes me cry. In a good sense.

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