Program Design for Osteopathy Australia

The Association offers many activities to help members meet these requirements and aim to ensure CPD activities support high quality osteopathic health care. One of the most exciting CPD events is the National Conference. iTrend was briefed to create the design for the official program of the Conference. 

Brand Identity for Masha's Photos

A unique and bright brand identity for an Australian photographer

Design for The Pass to Paradise guide

The Pass to Paradise is the guide for obtaining Australian Work and Holiday Visa. 

Branding for TELCO

iTrend developed the new branding and the guidelines for RDL Telecom.

An International EDI Conference

Specially for Korus Consulting CIS, a provider of the e-document system and approval centre we organised an annual International Conference for the clients.

Collaborations with bloggers on YouTube and Live Journal

iTrend provided collaborations with beauty and fashion bloggers for Lelle Handbags Australia, an online store shipping worldwide.

Design Support for Conferences and Corporate Events

The Fair Trade Association of Australia and New Zealand challenged iTrend to support the design of the supportive documentation and materials for the Fair Trade Futures Conference and Fair Trade Fortnight Event.

Corporate notebook

We designed a corporate notebook for Make Cloud - cloud IT service.

Media events for Medtronic

Medronic is a world leader in medicine technologies which are used by millions of people worldwide to relieve pain, strengthen health, and extend life.

Marketing brochure with infographics

We successfully developed bright and attractive marketing materials including data visualisation and illustrations.

Logo design for a startup

realunreal engaged iTrend to develop a logo that will reflect startup’s major development. We created a neat and energetic calligraphic mark based on ideas of reality with expanded horizons that has given the team of realunreal a strong and distinct identity to work with.

Web design

Logstream challenged iTrend to develop and launch a user-friendly website that will showcase Logstream’s expertise. We successfully launched precise and uncluttered logstream.ru which is highly appreciated by employees and clients.

Logo design and visual identity development

Logstream challenged iTrend to create a logo and a visual identity that will reflect the company’s uniqueness and advantages in the market. We successfully developed the visual identity program that stands out and is appreciated by employees and clients.

Christmas thermo mug design

TVIN engaged with iTrend to develop a creative design for a Christmas present thermo mug. We developed the cheerful and positive design that will stay in the clients’ memory.

External media office and marketing support

Aksioma Group engaged iTrend to carry out a complex of communication and marketing activities that will raise company’s profile. During the first six months of cooperation we have produced a wide range of media and marketing activities including the launch of the promotional website, media advertising, booklets, brochures, and a corporate newsletter.

Infographics as a tool for services promotion

iTrend created a colorful infographics for the promotion of video monitoring services. 

Infographics for a website

We believe that visual storytelling makes information easier to understand especially when reading from the gadgets’ screens.

Media breakfast with HP corporation

On behalf of HP Corporation iTrend organised a media breakfast "Clouds by rules. Examples, practice, and economics"

Web design

Servionica challenged iTrend to develop and launch a user-friendly web-site that will showcase company’s major services.

Exhibiting creativity, loyalty and staff engagement

I-Teco challenged iTrend to come up with an idea of a staff engagement program that will also raise I-Teco’s profile. We successfully launched I-TecoGraphia creative competition that engaged I-Teco people and attracted clients. I-TecoGraphia was one of the most successful staff engagement programs the iTrend team has been involved with.

Oracle business conference

“Oracle for professionals. Front-line business solutions” joint conference.

Logo design for cloud services

MakeCloud approached iTrend to deliver a logo that will reflect company’s main features. We created a bright, contemporary and very clear logo that helps to stick in users’ minds.

Web design for cloud service

Make Cloud web site - cloud IT service for small and medium business.

Press lunch with the Head of Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency in the USA

iTrend organised the press lunch for Sergio Pessoa, Apex-Brasil, with business and IT journalists in St. Petersburg, Russia

Media tour to the data centre

iTrend arranged an exciting media tour to the largest data centre in Russia.