May 13, 2014

Audience Insights for Facebook Advertising

Facebook launches a new marketing instrument - Audience Insights.

The company insists that Audience Insights will be different from the Page Insights and will provide the opportunity for the more profound and detailed analysis of the target audiences. From now on we will be able to define the geography of the customers, demographic insights, behavioural information, the reason for a purchase and so on. Moreover, the brand-new tool will provide the information about the sex and age of the potential users, their interests and life style, their jobs, education, social status and income group, Facebook activities, gadgets they use.

Facebook underlines that the new tool was designed taking into consideration the confidential and safety policy of the personal data. It means that the information will stay anonymous.

Audience Insights is available for the companies in USA only, but will be launched during the couple of months for the rest of the world. Previously we used instruments like Lookalike Audiences and Custom Audience, but they don’t suggest such a variety of insights.

Irina Aristova

More than 10 years' experience in the field of communications, public relations, corporate social responsibility, social media and promotion.

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