May 12, 2014

Aston Martin Announced an Unusual Deal

Being a celebrity means that you are always opened for advertising opportunities. You may get paid for wearing Lacoste dress to the Coachella Festival or become a member of the coolest Nike society or launch your own perfume line - or you can be James Bond.

Well, technically you are Daniel Craig, but let’s face it - the world knows you as James Bond, the spy who killed thousands, seduced millions and fell in love once - or twice if we are counting the complicated relationships with M. Being Bond means that you are the coolest guy ever, and Aston Martin knows it for sure - the company provided Daniel Craig, one the sexiest man alive, with the opportunity to drive any of the Aston Martin cars for free till the rest of his life. Craig can choose any car he likes. Moreover, Craig can speed test the cars at any time.


Aston Martin cars can be driven faster than any speed limits in any country, so should Mr Bond Craig wishes to drive above the speed limit, Aston Martin will organise a field specially for his needs.

Irina Aristova

More than 10 years' experience in the field of communications, public relations, corporate social responsibility, social media and promotion.

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