Exhibiting creativity, loyalty and staff engagement

I-Teco challenged iTrend to come up with an idea of a staff engagement program that will also raise I-Teco’s profile. We successfully launched I-TecoGraphia creative competition that engaged I-Teco people and attracted clients. I-TecoGraphia was one of the most successful staff engagement programs the iTrend team has been involved with.


  • I-Teco is a well-known Russian system integrator and provider of information solutions, and consulting services to corporate clients.
  • I-Teco challenged iTrend to come up with an idea of a staff engagement program that will also raise the company’s profile.


After brainstorm sessions we invented and successfully launched I-TecoGraphia creative competition. I-TecoGraphia encouraged the 1,000+ IT team to showcase their extraordinary creative talents in 3 awards – photography, graffiti and handmade design. Paintings, sculptures, photographs and arts of all sorts poured in for the contest. Check out the selection of these works below.

Our services included:

  • Web design. We developed a promotional website and were responsible for publishing competition guidelines, voting and comments.

  • Advertising. We developed competition banners and web banners for online promotion.

  • Event management and branding. We launched an offline promotional campaign in the I-Teco office.
  • Staff communication. We included promotional campaigns with contest news and invitation reminders in weekly corporate newsletters.
  • Digital marketing. We set up competition Facebook page and maintained its content.
  • Communications. Promotional features, news and contributions appeared across top tier media outlets.


  • I-TecoGraphia competition attracted 450 entries.
  • Offline I-TecoGraphia exhibition in I-Teco offices was demonstrated to hundreds of employees and visitors.
  • The competition engaged I-Teco employees, connected them with like minded colleagues giving the opportunity to have some fun outside the daily routine.
  • I-Teco reported an increase in brand awareness and word of mouth of the company amongst the target business circles.