Public Relations

iTrend provides PR services, media services, creates PR and marketing projects for IT&T, NFPs and Online Businesses.

We are able to function as an external media office for your needs. Simply saying we can work with your reputation through the media field, organise media events with the participation of the C-level management, create newsletters and write news for your website, create infographics for the media and organise media coaching for your employees.

We are experienced in design of the internal corporate media. We know how to design a beautiful and interesting corporate magazine, how to distribute it, and even how to launch an iPad version of it.

We create and develop Intranet portals. Today it is the most effective ways to communicate internally. Especially it is essential for multiregional companies, where it is a bit difficult to communicate inside the company itself. iTrend has the experience of maintenance of the portals and employees’ engagement.

We carry out the industry reports and analytics of your market. Our team is experienced in IT&T industry, NFP and Online Business.