designIT – beautiful design projects for your business

  • You are planning to deliver the complicated presentation and you want it to stand out, attract attention? You want it to be stylish and beautiful?
  • Your company needs a fresh approach and a new brochure, exhibition stand or a booklet?
  • You want to launch a new website as soon as possible or to re-design your existing website?

Then we are recommending out designIT service.

Our project managers will dive deeply into your business and goals, design a creative campaign and plan the whole process, and our designers, graphic gurus will prepare bright and beautiful mock-ups that are born to sell, persuade and attract. Our design actually works!

We love to use in our campaigns the works of those artists, who can create with different styles and techniques, and those, who is professional about infographics. Those elements gives the opportunity to create the unique design just for your company.

We will develop design for:

  • Brochures, catalogues and booklets;
  • Flyers, certificates and diplomas;
  • Promotional website or the company’s website;
  • Slides and presentations;
  • Corporate newsletters;
  • E-magazine.

Our work will include:

  • Preparing of the brief together with the client;
  • Creating the new and interesting idea;
  • Design mock-ups;
  • Pre-print preparing.

We recommend the following way of collaboration:

  • You drop us a line via the website, we get in touch with you and agree on the essentials;
  • We approve the budget and timing;
  • You appoint a manager who’s going to be in touch with us during the project;
  • We appoint a project manager on behalf of iTrend;
  • We inform you regularly about our every day routine and provide you with a report at the end of each month;
  • We can communicate via e-mail, Skype, Facebook or SMS, therefore your company may be located anywhere in Australia.

The average package prices:

  • Design of the presentation – from $350 + GST
  • Design of the 4 page brochure – from $500 + GST
  • Design for the booklet (40 pages +) – from $3000 + GST
  • Infographics – from $600 + GST
  • Promo website – from $3000 + GST
  • Company’s website – from $7000 + GST

We will provide you with a discount if you are our current client or if you wish to work in several social networks.

Send enquiry or look at our portfolio.