Igor Izotov

Know-it-all IT geek with some spectacular CRM, MDM and Loyalty implementations for Tier-1 Telecoms, Banks and Insurance companies across Europe and Australia. PMP and PRINCE2 certified.

During the last decade Igor was responsible for the management and architecture of some of the most interesting IT transformations, namely: Marketing automation for the largest CIS Telecom, Loyalty back- and front-end implementations for some of the major retailers, CRM strategy development for the Tier-1 bank... and the list goes on and on.

Igor about himself:

"- I can put "design", "architecture" and "project management" next to each other in a sentence about myself - I'm multi-faceted
- I'm what people call 'geeks' and I'm thinking of teaching my washing machine to tweet me when the washing cycle is complete. It's actually simpler than you think
- Sometimes I like writing numbers in binary".


April 08, 2014

Double-edged sword

It’s a pretty average post-office and pre-bed Tuesday evening, just as the one last week and a week before. Out of all conversations I had at work today with some 30 people I can easily recall just one: the one about petrol, more specifically, the one when we compared 91 to 95 and 98 and the ‘diluted 91’ as I called it. And I bet it kindled the warmest debate on my floor today.


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