Asya Vlasova

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Marketing and PR manager with 7+ years experience in IT and telecom. Customer-focused, result oriented, self-motivated and initiative professional who combines creative thinking as well as marketing knowledge to build strong brands, create sales-supporting messages and deliver them to targeted audiences through marketing campaigns. Rich PR experience due to profound journalistic background adds value to marketing ideas and projects. Personal attitude and passion for social media and digital projects helped to become a strong professional in these fields and to obtain bright results through innovative marketing instruments.


April 15, 2014

Life Through Wool

Can you actually shoot a commercial that people would love to watch over and over again? How often do we see advertising that might be call a true art? Is it possible for small companies to advertise smart and with a great idea? Is it necessary to align the brand promotion with the paying capacity of its customers? How can business decide whether to spend budgets on commercials that do not sell, but just promote the brand values? And last, but not least – how to define the impact of brand advertising?

April 10, 2014

Finding Your Way To the Customers

Today we are showing a great example of the development of the paper media – a topic widely discussed during the past five years among the editors, journalists and PR practitioners, who are looking for new cost effective models that save the beauty of the paper as well.

April 02, 2014

Coffee-PR in Australia

Australia is definitely a “coffee country”. This story is about how the culture of the country can reflect in the business.


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