tinyPR - communications kit for local business

tinyPRis a service for small business and tiny, but important projects.

  • You are a small company and you don’t have the staff and resources for marketing, design and PR support?
  • You are a start up, and you would like to tell the world and investors about your innovative project?
  • You would really like to work with us, but prefer to test us beforehand and work on a trial and small project?

For you we developed a special package – tinyPR.

tinyPR is a service for small businesses and for tiny, but very important projects for your business. The package itself contains several services we are happy to provide for you monthly:


  • Website content maintenance. We will help you to update your website on a regular basis, write and upload the latest news, photos, blog posts.
  • Design mock ups. A conference ahead? Or a new product launch? Or maybe you want to design a new pen or USB drive with you company’s logo? Or you need new business cards? Maybe the slides for your presentation? We are more than happy to help you with the design and branding. A client will be provided with either of these design works/products once a month.
  • Infographics. We all know that infographics is extremely popular these days and helps to convey the company’s values, goals and achievements better than anything else. You can use our infographics in you social media accounts, in the local newspaper or upload it on to your website. The package contains 1 infographics of A4 size a month.
  • Social Media. We know how to launch a successful Facebook or LinkedIn page for your business, and we will help you with its content, timing plan and the concept of the page itself. We will also be responsible for everyday posting and work with comments.
  • Newsletter. We are professionals in the Newsletter design and distribution. The Newsletter will be provided in .pdf format as well as in the format for the distribution services like MailChimp. The content and photos are to be provided by the client.


We will save you from the hassle of having to do marketing, design and digital support and will help you to concentrate exclusively on your business and KPIs.

We recommend the following way of collaboration:

  • You drop us a line via the website, we get in touch with you and agree on the essentials;
  • We sign a 3 month contract;
  • You appoint a manager who’s going to be in touch with us during the project;
  • We appoint a project manager on behalf of iTrend;
  • We inform you regularly about our every day routine and provide you with a report at the end of each month;
  • We can communicate via e-mail, Skype, Facebook or SMS, therefore your company may be located anywhere in Australia.

Maybe you are already wondering about the details?

1.     What if we need any other marketing or digital services?

You will have the pricing for all our additional services in your contract and you can always count on our help.

2.     What if we want to extend the contract?

Should your business get bigger and you need more help from us, we’ll be happy to tailor the package specifically for your needs.

3.     How can we measure the results and the impact?

Every month we will provide you with a report according to the following points: website hits, social media statistics, clients impressions. You will see the statistics and we will provide recommendations.

Monthly payment for the tinyPR services is $3000 + GST.

Send enquiry or look at our portfolio.