be Social – maintenance of the social media accounts, SMM strategies and campaigns

If you are:

  • A rapidly developing company and you are keen to use the possibilities of the new media;
  • Your company needs a fresh approach and experienced SMM managers to coordinate the social media campaigns;
  • Your clients, partners and employees are the active users of social networks, and you want to get closer to them.

Then be Social is a package for you. We will provide the SMM support to your business. How to behave in a corporate world of social media? How to find out, what your clients and staff think and post about you? Why the Twitter broadcast is so important?How to communicate with your clients in social networks? We can answer all of these questions and come up with the perfect social marketing plan for your company.

Our favourite social networks are Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Moreover, we create strategies and campaigns for LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, Foursquare and Live Journal. Depending on the specifics of your business and goals we will help you to pick the right social network and will plan your work.

We are convinced that if the company does not have an account in social networks, it does not exist on the market. Not so long ago some companies did not believe that the website is crucial for marketing and promotion. Today some of the companies think the same about social media. Those who are out there, in a digital world, are taking the advantage and are more competitive on the market. That is why we are such big fans of social media and we are very fond of working on digital campaigns.

As part of our SMM package we will:

  • Plan your social media presence, pick the social networks and develop a content plan for 3 months;
  • Register and design your accounts using your corporate style guidelines;
  • Maintain your accounts regularly;
  • Work on comments and engage with the audience;
  • Provide advertising to attract the audience;

You can concentrate on your business goals while we will take care of your clients and employees in social networks.

We recommend the following way of collaboration:

  • You drop us a line via the website, we get in touch with you and agree on the essentials;
  • We sign a 3 month contract;
  •  We prepare a 3 months plan of posting in social networks;
  • You appoint a manager who’s going to be in touch with us during the project;
  • We appoint a SMM manager on behalf of iTrend;
  • We inform you regularly about our every day routine and provide you with a report at the end of each month;
  • We can communicate via e-mail, Skype, Facebook or SMS, therefore your company may be located anywhere in Australia.

Maybe you are already wondering about the details?

1.     What if we don’t have a great amount of news and content for social media?

It’s our task to think about the interesting content for the readers, which will be suitable for your brand and will be aligned with your business activities.

2.     What if the crowd in social networks will go negative about our company?

It’s always better to know about the negative attitude towards your company than to ignore it. We can monitor the negative comments, inform you about them and answer the questions online. A frank and open conversation with people in social networks is a possibility to reduce their negative influence of your business.

3.     How to evaluate the result?

Every month we analyse the results using the following points: the increase in “likes” and “followers”, the increase of the readers as a result of advertising, the number of comments and the audience engagement, the tone of the comments, the number of clicks from your social media account to your website. You will see the statistics and we will provide recommendations.

The average monthly payment for the be Social package for one account in one social network is $1500 + GST. We will provide you with a discount if you are our current client or if you wish to work in several social networks.

The contract is signed for 3 months with a monthly payment.

Send enquiry or look at our portfolio.